Welcome To Wonderland

Intimate spaces in places of natural beauty where you can return to each season and escape


Experience something different.  Enjoy relaxing at your own pace surrounded by nature, art, craft, and design – either on Cape Town’s most iconic beach or in a private manor house in the heart of the Stellenbosch vineyards. These spaces are for families and friends to play and not take life too seriously. Each individual home is designed with heart and soul to create a sense of wonder. The luxury is thoughtful and balances a casual style with natural beauty. A community spirit is also celebrated by supporting local craft art and growing the team so that they can enhance your experience of the local warm hospitality.

Service is personalized and understands that you enjoy living life at your own pace and value your personal space. Our hosts are happy to create unique experiences just for you and to share the best local insider secrets. The spirit of big-hearted generosity extends to enjoying the complimentary wines from the owner’s private estates in Stellenbosch and Mendoza, Argentina. All guests are also invited to stay at both the Mendoza estate and the owner’s hiking summer retreat in the Swiss Alps. To us, you are not just another guest. We want to share our places of wonder with you as we believe they are too good to be kept to ourselves. In the words of a South African icon:

We couldn’t agree more.

“The world is truly round and seems to start and end with those we love.” – Nelson Mandela.

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